新刊 ディレクトリのカテゴリー "ビジュアルアート"

  • Subtext & Discourse
    The art world can be perceived as exclusive, pretentious, and fickle, but in this famously opaque and unregulated industry, what insight can artists, curators and collectors share about their ...
    ????: 13 days ago
  • podeCartoon
    Podcast dedicado a falar de animações de todos os estilos
    ????: 34 semanas
  • maison VIII
    Olivia Lagacé reçoit des personnalités du milieu artistique et analyse leur carte du ciel.
    ????: 34 semaines
  • The Photographers Craic
    Join James Kelly (highlands of Scotland) and co-host Ross Eaglesham (Glasgow) two photographers from Scotland as we talk about whats been happening in our own photography world, chat with other ...
    ????: 34 weeks ago
  • fotografi
    Un podcast su fotografia e fotografi, più o meno famosi, per vedere con le orecchie. Con Enrico ...
    ????: 34 settimane