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Starting a BibEazness | Alicia Wilkinson 2020/12/02, 00:25
Starting a BibEazness | Alicia Wilkinson

<p>Today, ladies and gentlemen and other, marks the day we relent on a rule we've had since the podcast began. "Alicia Wilkinson, is not coming on". Alicia used the first lockdown VERY prosperously and started her own business. Did she do this just to get on the podcast? Guess we'll never know. But yes. Listen for a step by step how she did it and come up with your own absolutely genius BibEazness. BibEazness. Business. Gettit?</p>

BERF and Racing | Ashleigh Wicheard 2020/11/19, 12:54
BERF and Racing | Ashleigh Wicheard

<p>What do the Equestrian Sports need? MORE DIVERSITY! When do they need them? NOW? Ashleigh Wicheard is not only an amazing racing stable jockey but she's also a member of the BAME Equine and Rural activities Focus Group, helping  to make the sport more inclusive and more diverse. Hear about not only her career but how she's making a difference.</p>

How to Have a Laugh in Lockdown | Jenni Winter-Leach, Flying Changes Coaching 2020/11/11, 00:58
How to Have a Laugh in Lockdown | Jenni Winter-Leach, Flying Changes Coaching

<p>If you struggled in the last lockdown (in the UK) or are struggling with how your country is handling the current situation (we do have international listeners - shoutout to the two of you in Vietnam, we see you!) here is an episode with a qualified professional to help you find your way to coping, and maybe even enjoying it, you truly never know</p>

Winter WonderMindset | Sophie Green 2020/11/03, 18:12
Winter WonderMindset | Sophie Green

<p>Yaaayyy another episode where we get really off topic. LOVE a chat, whatcha gon' do. We speak to Sophie Green of Evergreen Coaching all about how to stay positive this winter. Topical right?! We've got loads in store to help you guys out during this Lockdown so stay tuned and feel the positive Pony Podcast vibes. Love you all</p>

Inclusivity in the City | Ebony Horse Club's Naomi Howgate 2020/10/29, 00:19
Inclusivity in the City | Ebony Horse Club's Naomi Howgate

<p>Ebony Horse Club is located right in the middle of London, in the heart of Brixton. How did they fit a riding school in the centre of Brixton? How do they help the community? What amazing projects have they got going on? Quick! Listen!</p>

Winter is Coming 2020/10/20, 22:47
Winter is Coming

<p>Are people still saying "Winter is Coming"? Is that a very old GoT reference? Does this show that we're not actually cool and hip? Does saying hip reaffirm that we're old now? </p> <p>Aaannyyway. Here's an episode with a lil' Noble Equestrian product review and then us going insane in a room in France starting off on rugs and winter life hacks and ending up with Tess getting stuck in a turnout pen showing that the pony who escaped from it is literally smarter than her. No I don't know how we got from A to B. </p>

Working out Working Equitation 2020/10/14, 01:26
Working out Working Equitation

<p>Ever heard of Working Equitation? Okay well Alex and I hadn't so we had the LOVELY Holly Barber on to tell us all about it! Want to know more? You know what to do...</p>

Colic REACTions 2020/10/06, 19:31
Colic REACTions

<p>We chat to Nottingham University Vet Izzy Wild about her work on Colic research at the Nottingham University Colic and Wound Project. If you want to download any of the resources we talk about in this episode head to the Nottingham University or BHS website - or just give it a google, you all know how it works</p>

Growing Your Audience | Katie Lawrence 2020/09/30, 01:23
Growing Your Audience | Katie Lawrence

<p>Super simple - a sweet chat with PR magician Katie Lawrence from Riviera PR Ltd about how to grow your social media audience and why it's so important to be thinking about your brand and what you're putting out on social media. Oh and there's a bit about food. Because it's us, and everything's better with food involved.</p>

Websites Made Easy | Equimi 2020/09/23, 17:57
Websites Made Easy | Equimi

<p>Looking for (another) lockdown project but missing one key component? Trying to update your yard communication but lacking app design skills? Equimi is offering you the simplest of simple solutions, a platform where you simply set up an account, build your own website (with a dedicated helpline for anything that's not playing ball - website's can be like that) and go. Have a listen to learn more and launch yourself into your new chapter!</p>